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Book Review #2

I’ve finally got another book review for you guys! Since moving to London I’ve been reading a lot in between applying for jobs. So, I’ll be posting a few book reviews in the upcoming weeks. For today, I’ve got 3 books that I read and wanted to talk to you guys about.

The Siren By Kiera Cass 3/5

Summary: “You must never do anything that might expose our secret. This means that, in general, you cannot form close bonds with humans. You can speak to us, and you can always commune with the Ocean, but you are deadly to humans. You are, essentially, a weapon. A very beautiful weapon. I won’t lie to you, it can be a lonely existence, but once you are done, you get to live. All you have to give, for now, is obedience and time…”
The same speech has been given hundreds of times to hundreds of beautiful girls who enter the sisterhood of sirens. Kahlen has lived by these rules for years now, patiently waiting for the life she can call her own. But when Akinli, a human, enters her world, she can’t bring herself to live by the rules anymore. Suddenly the life she’s been waiting for doesn’t seem nearly as important as the one she’s living now.

I like the idea of this book as I think Sirens are really interesting. However, I didn’t totally vibe with the magic-talking-ocean thing. I get what Kiera Cass was trying to do but I think it was a bit of a reach. Other than the talking water aspect, the rest of the book was decent. I liked the characters, they all had different but likeable personalities and the love story was cute. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this book but if you wanted to give it a shot then go for it. You might enjoy it more than I did!

Hot Dog Girl By Jennifer Dugan 2.5/5

Summary: Elouise (Lou) Parker is determined to have the absolute best, most impossibly epic summer of her life. There are just a few things standing in her way:
* She’s landed a job at Magic Castle Playland . . . as a giant dancing hot dog.
* Her crush, the dreamy Diving Pirate Nick, already has a girlfriend, who is literally the Princess of the park. But Lou’s never liked anyone, guy or otherwise, this much before, and now she wants a chance at her own happily ever after.
* Her best friend, Seeley, the carousel operator, who’s always been up for anything, suddenly isn’t when it comes to Lou’s quest to set her up with the perfect girl or Lou’s scheme to get close to Nick.
* And it turns out that this will be their last summer at Magic Castle Playland–ever–unless she can find a way to stop it from closing.

I really struggled with finishing this book. The main character was sooo unlikeable it made the story frustrating to read. I couldn’t connect with her because she was so annoying, immature and unreasonable. I think the general idea for the plot could’ve been better if the characters had been more likeable. The one good thing about this book is the LGBTQ representation, I mean it wasn’t perfect but at least it had ~some~ representation. But sadly, I honestly would not recommend reading this book.

Happily Ever After (a Selection novel) By Kiera Cass 4.5/5

I love the Selection series so I was really excited to read this book. I love how Kiera Cass writes her characters and this book did not disappoint. It’s basically a compilation of short stories from the Selection series. You get to read more about a young Queen Amberly, Prince Maxon, Marlee and Aspen. Plus, you get some extra scenes from Lucy’s and Celeste’s point of view. I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of these characters from their perspective. It tied in so well with the Selection series and I recommend you give it a read if you a Selection fan like I am.

Overall, this wasn’t the most successful bunch of books that I bought but it wasn’t terrible. Most likely I will not be re-reading these books, other than Happily Ever After. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with the next batch of books I read! Until then let me know if you have any suggestions for books that I should check out.

Stay rosy,



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