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My Favourite True Crime Podcasts

Usually all I do when I’m at work (besides work) is listen to music. However, lately I went down the rabbit hole of listening to true crime podcasts on Spotify. Due to the nature of my work I’m able to listen to these podcasts while still being productive, and they make the day go by faster. I figured I could share some of my favourite true crime podcasts with you guys!

Crime Junkie

Crime Junkie is hosted by Ashley Flowers and her childhood bff Britt Prawat. Each episode is on a different crime, expect for their two-parters. The hosts go in depth on each case while respecting the victims and their families. You can really tell how much these cases affect them and how important it is for them to tell the stories of these victims. Crime Junkie is my favourite true crime podcast as not only do they explain the cases really well, the hosts do a great job at highlighting lessons to be learned from certain stories. Plus, they tend to cover a lot of cases that don’t get enough coverage. I also love their tagline of ‘Be Weird. Be Rude. Stay Alive.’

The Clearing

Another podcast I’m super into is The Clearing. The host goes through the story of serial killer Edward Wayne Edwards and everything that happened post-arrest. Plus, Ed Edwards’ daughter was a huge part of his arrest. Thanks to April, Ed Edwards was brought to justice and even admitted to 5 murders. The podcast also goes into detail about the myths surrounding Ed and other possible murders he might’ve committed. I like the way the host covers this story and the information that April brings to the case. If you haven’t heard of Ed Edwards I highly suggest you give The Clearing a listen.

Today in True Crime

Ever wondered if something sinister happened on your birthday? Well, this podcast explores true crime events that happened on each day. So, each episode has to do with ‘todays’ date and what happened in relation to true crime. For example, my birthday is February 12th and this year’s episode on feb. 12th was about an actress who was stabbed in 1977. It’s a bit weird listening to true crime that happened on dates like your birthday or Christmas but it’s also interesting.

Canadian True Crime

As a Canadian I find learning about true crime in Canada very fascinating. I basically NEVER hear anything about true crime in Canada. It’s so rare to read something in the news in regards to murder, kidnapping, disappearance etc. that happened in Canada, Either I’m from a tame town or those things are rarely publicized in Canadian media. I find that learning about what’s happening in my country is very eye opening and brings awareness to those cases and to the danger lurking in the dark. I can almost guarantee you that if you listen to this podcast the majority of the cases spoken about you’ve never heard of them before.

Cold Case Files

I’ve always been fascinated with cold case files that get solved years later. It’s great to get answers to a case and I feel like a lot of solved cases never make it on the news anymore. That’s why I’ve been enjoying listening to the classic Cold Case Files via podcast. I usually listen to it when I cook which is why I’m not watching the show. If you’re also a fan of solved cases then you should definitely check this podcast out!

So that’s it! I think shining a light on the cases spoken about on these podcasts is so important, especially for the victims and their family members. Hopefully I’m not alone when it comes to being interested in true crime! If any of you have recommendations on true crime podcasts or shows I’d love to hear them!



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