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TV Shows I Binged Watched In August 2020

I can’t believe how quickly August has come and gone. Out of all the months during lockdown I think this was one of my most productive. I did some freelance work and started getting more serious about the book I’m writing. Plus, I was allowed to see some friends (socially distancing of course). Even though it was a busy month, I still had plenty of time to binge watch quite a few shows. I’m really excited to share with you guys these shows because I love them so much!

Criminal Minds

This is one of my all-time favourite shows. I decided to re-watch all 15 seasons and I really don’t regret it. The characters are all so lovable, especially the loml Dr. Spencer Reid (heart emoji). Criminal Minds is such an interesting show, I love how they really go into the psychology of things. It’s actually the show that got me into psychology and true crime. So, if you’re into that or if you want to try it out then Criminal Minds is a great show to start with!

The Umbrella Academy

This is one of the more recent shows I binged watched and I quickly became obsessed with it! I love the superpowers, the time travel stuff, and of course, how these siblings manage to save the world! Klaus, Ben and Number Five are my favourites, they’re hilarious and they really make the show. There’s only 2 seasons so it’s not the perfect binge watching show but it is really good and you should watch it anyways. Personally, I just can’t wait for season 3!


Love it when greedy people get what they deserve? Well, then you’ll love Leverage because this show is all about a team of thieves banding together to take from the rich and give back to the less fortunate. It really has robin hood and ‘eat the rich’ vibes. The show isn’t too serious like some crime shows, it’s lighthearted enough to make you laugh but it still has some good lessons sprinkled in. I genuinely really like this show and if you can find a site to stream it on then please do!

New Girl

This show is hilarious! If you’re looking for a funny show to watch to escape from this crazy world then New Girl is perfect for you. I have to say it’s one of my favourite comedies to watch. I love Nick and Jess’s relationship arch and of course, Schmidt is just the best. Plus, it has a good number of seasons perfect for binging!


This is another one of my favourite crime shows! Even though it only has three seasons, it’s so interesting. The characters are likeable and real, they grow throughout the three seasons and they solve crime! Similarly to Criminal Minds, psychology is a major part of this show thanks to Dr. Pierce! He’s a total cutie (yes I have a thing for the professor) and he’s super smart which is why FBI agent Moretti gets him to assist on cases. It’s a great show and I do love it but I wished they had more seasons.

The Mentalist

Another crime show, what a surprise lol. This is another show that I had already watched and loved many years ago. I wanted to re-watch it and it did not disappoint. Patrick Jane is so charming and I love watching him on-screen. Plus, there’s a great slow-burn romance between Patrick Jane and CBI agent Teresa Lisbon. I definitely recommend that this show goes on your binge watch list because between the 7 seasons and the way Patrick Jane solves crime, it’ll keep you entertained for a while.

So, there you have it! All the shows I binged watched in August. Clearly it was crime heavy – I love a good crime procedural as you can tell. I’m always looking for new shows to binge so if you have any recommendations please let me know!



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