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My Headband Collection

I cant believe it’s almost the end of August! Summer has gone by so quickly even with the current circumstances. I’ll be going back to University in September to get my Master’s and I’m really excited about it! I’m usually the type to do my makeup and wear cute clothes to class, and I’ll probably still try to look cute for the online lectures. Of course, for online lectures people probably won’t see anything past my chest so that means I’ll get to spend extra time on my makeup & hair. I use to hate dealing with my hair but now that I have cute hair accessories it’s starting to be more fun. Over the last year I’ve managed to get a relatively small collection of headbands and I figured now would be a good time to show them off. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find the links to these anymore, I assume some are sold out but I’m sure you could find similar ones somewhere online!

Beige Tartan Gossip Girl Headband (etsy)

The perfect headband for a Blair Waldorf wannabe. I got this cute headband off Etsy last summer and I absolutely love it! It’s super comfy to wear and totally chic. I definitely feel like I’m in Gossip Girl when I wear it.

Black Velvet and Pearl Braided Headband (Primark)

This is a super cute headband that will make almost any outfit fancy. It’s comfortable to wear and you’re sure to get some compliments on it. Personally, I like wearing this headband with a cute dress or skirt but it could easily dress up a jeans & top outfit.

Black Velvet Headband (Primark)

This Primark headband is comfortable and casual. Since it’s black it can go with any outfit. Plus, it has a slight shimmer to it which adds a little something extra to the headband.

Red Bow Headband (Nordstrom)

This is such a cute headband and totally reminds me of something I would’ve worn as a child. The red is a bit orangey and the bow is simply adorable. I have a few outfits that I like wearing with this headband, especially in the fall with a blood orange lipstick.

Thin Gem Studded Headband (Nordstrom)

This is my favourite headband to wear to fancy events. Granted I haven’t worn it recently due to COVID, but it’s one of my favourites. The gems are sparkly but not overly and the headband itself is thin, so perfect to wear with different hair styles.

Do you have a favourite headband or hair accessory? Let me know in the comments below!


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Closet Clean Out Tips

Hey guys! I know I haven’t posted anything on here in a while and I’ll write another post on the reasons why. But, I recently wrote an article for HerCampus that I really love and feel that it would fit well on my blog. You can read the article here or read it below as I’ll re-write it. 

Spring is almost here which means that it’s time to spring clean the heck out of your life. Cleaning out and organizing your closet is an important part of the spring cleaning ritual. It’ll also help you free up some space for some new clothes for the summer season. Here are some tips to get you started on your closet cleaning.

1. Lay out your clothes 

This first step is important because you have to be able to see what you’re working with. So, take all your clothes off their hangers or out of their drawers and lay them out on your bed. You can lay out them by category (tops, dresses, bottoms, accessories) or just put them all in one big pile.

2. Out with the old

Once you’ve got all your clothes laying in front of you, start splitting them up into 3 piles; yes, no and maybe. Sort all of your ‘no’ clothes into boxes or bags to give them away to charity or to throw them out if they’re really torn up. Keep your ‘yes’ clothes on the bed, don’t start hanging anything up until you’ve gone through the tough ‘maybe’ category. For the ‘maybe’ category keep these tips in mind when you’re deciding to either keep an item or give it away: 1) when was the last time I wore this item? If it’s been more than a year or you don’t remember then it goes in the ‘no’ pile. 2) Is this item like another item(s)? If yes, then you don’t need it so it’s a no. 3) Does this item still fit and is it torn up? And finally, 4) Do I love this item and is it comfortable to wear? Remember to only keep the pieces you truly love and will keep wearing.

3. Organization is key

This is my favourite step! I love organizing my closet in a colour coded fashion by item. I hang my clothes in four categories: tops, skirts, dresses and rompers. Then, I organize each category by colour in somewhat of a rainbow order (white, beige, red, pink, purple, blue, grey, black). To maximize space, I purchased some hangers that have 4 spaces to hang clothes so I’ll have 4 white tops on one of those. Also, invest in some fabric or plastic bins to put on the shelf above your hanger rod (if you have one) that way you can fill those with PJ’s, undergarments, belts or anything else that you don’t need to hang up. Now your closet has been properly cleaned out and organized!

Hopefully once you’ve clean-out and organized your closet you’ll much better and ready to add some new pieces! Also, if you need more tips for closet clean-outs or figuring out what to buy check out Erin Elizabeth on YouTube, she gives great tips!