Monthly Favourites

April 2020 Monthly Favourites

The end of April marked 5 weeks of being under lockdown. Since I’ve been spending an insane amount of time at home, I really wanted to find things to distract myself and that would keep me busy. It has been a hard month but there have definitely been a few things that kept me happy and positive during these tough times. I have to say, I’m extremely thankful to have Wi-Fi because I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without social media, streaming sites and online shopping!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Throughout March I was hearing a lot about Animal Crossing as everyone was tweeting about it. Eventually I got intrigued and decided to buy it. I had recently purchased a Nintendo Switch Lite so all I needed to get was the game itself. The first few days were a bit slow but once things picked up I was having so much fun. I’m currently enjoy my island time by planting flowers, creating patterns for flooring, creating cute dresses and more. Escaping reality to create and shape my island is a great way to distract yourself. If you’re looking for a fun and easy distraction then I recommend getting Animal Crossing!


When Disney+ launched in the UK I was psyched. I love Disney movies and since I’m home all the time now and I’ve watched what feels like everything there is on Netflix, I needed some new content to binge. Straightaway I started watching some of the old Disney movies from my childhood like Peter Pan and The Little Mermaid. I also binge watched the Avengers movies (like for the fourth time) which was really fun and took up a good amount of my time.

One of the Disney+ original shows I got into was the High School Musical The Musical: The Series. Although the title is a bit of a mouthful the show is actually not that bad. I’m a huge HSM fan so I was little skeptical at first about this sort of reboot, since I love the original so much! But, the way they made this show was that the characters are participating in their school’s musical which was HSM, since the show is set at East High where the original film was made. It’s a really sweet family/teen show, the characters are likeable and the songs are fun. The main characters Nini and Ricky are just so adorable and I totally got into their love story. If you’re looking for a cute show to watch that’s family friendly and not very serious them definitely check this one out!

FujiFilm instax mini 9

I used to have the OG FujiFilm Instax camera but after 6 years it did break. I decided that during this time in lockdown I wanted to get the newer version which has more features than the original one. I looove this camera and it’s just so fun to use! My flatmates and I had a mini photoshoot one night and the photos turned out to be super cute. I’m also planning on taking a few polaroid’s of my neighbourhood during one of my walks to send with letters to friends and family. This camera has definitely been a positive in my day-to-day during lockdown.

Kiki Chanel (anti-MLM videos)

Have you ever received one of those DMs about being a ‘boss babe’ or ‘starting your own business’? Well if you have, it was probably sent by someone in an MLM. MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing and there are a lot of companies out there who use this model to recruit distributors to sell their products. Some of those companies are Arbonne, Monat and Beach Body. Personally, I’m not a fan of MLM’s as I do find them quite predatory and financially unsafe. Kylie does a great job at exposing a lot of these MLM’s and the people sucked into them. She also educates her viewers on MLM’s which is super important because so many people either don’t know the true damage they can have or they don’t even know about MLM’s.

Missguided Jogger Sets (not pictured)

Of course I had to do some online shopping while being stuck at home. I was actually in need of some new loungewear. I only had one pair of sweatpants and decided that since I’d be at home all the time I could let myself buy some more. A friend told me to check out Missguided and I was happy to see they sold a ton of jogger sets. I ended up purchasing two jogger sets, the Black Cropped Sweatshirt and Joggers Co Ord Set and the Grey Zip Through Sweatshirt And Joggers Co Ord Set The quality was pretty good for an online store, they’re super comfortable to wear and they fit really well. I have really long legs so I was a bit worries about the length of the sweatpants but they actually fit perfectly! The tops are also super cute and I’m now obsessed with the crop top sweater style. I’ve been wearing these sets a ton since getting them and I’m super tempted to buy some more!

Stay rosy,