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Favourite Hair Accessories – Summer 2019

I have to admit, I’ve never been good at styling or accessorizing my hair. I typically just leave it down (after blow-drying it) or I curl it. My hair is almost never tied up and in the past I’ve barely ever used headbands or barrettes. However, lately I’ve been trying to change the way I style my hair and these items have been helping me a lot!

Hair Bobbles

I’m truly obsessed with hair bobbles. I got these ones in my summer FabFitFun box and I love them! I like using these to tie my hair up into a bun while I sleep as they don’t leave marks in my hair. So, when I wake up my hair is mark-free with plenty of volume. Plus, the colours of these hair bobbles are so summery and look great as makeshift bracelets.

Trendy Barrettes from Amazon

The barrette trend has been sweeping social media and I’m so here for it. I wasn’t sure where to buy them but thankfully Carrie Dayton, one of my favourite YouTubers, talked about the ones she got from Amazon. I bought them pretty much right after watching her videos because they looked so cute on her and I knew I could trust her opinion.

Well, I got them in the mail and they’re so cute! They look adorable on and their grip is strong enough so that they don’t fall out of your hair. I’m very happy to be basic af and wear my barrettes all day long.

Nordstrom Rack Hair Clips

These hair clips look super cute and they’re great at holding a bunch of hair even though they’re small. I love shopping at Nordstrom Rack so I’m super glad I found these and bought them because they’re very cute and easy to use.

Anthropologie Hair Clips

Ok so my mom and I both love these large hair clips! She’s always using them to put her hair up and I love using these in the shower to keep my hair from getting wet. The clips are decently sturdy and will keep your hair up for a good amount of time.

Urban Outfitters Velvet Scrunchies (not pictured)

Ahhh I love these!! Not only are they super cute, but you can wear them around your wrist or use them to tie up your hair (which is obviously its intended use). If you tie them around three times they will stay in place but if you like a looser ponytail look then tying them around twice if good enough. They are a little pricey since they’re from UO but you can probably get similar ones from Amazon, Target or Walmart.

That’s it for my favourite hair accessories to use this summer! I have a few blog posts planned for august on books that I’ve been reading and my experience with applying for a UK visa so keep an eye out for those.

Stay rosy,