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My Collection of Tarot and Oracle Cards

I’m still pretty new to the world of tarot, oracle cards and crystals but I’ve managed to accumulate a small collection of decks. About a year ago I was introduced to tarot and oracle cards by a friend and I was vert intrigued by it. I’ve always been drawn to the supernatural, astrology l and magic so it’s not surprising to me that I felt a pull towards tarot. Once I decided to start my journey into the world of tarot, I read up on the history, what certain cards meant and then what deck I should purchase first. After getting my first deck I became even more enthralled with not only reading tarot but with oracle cards as well. And so began my venture into oracle decks. Next thing I knew, I had a few decks and did a lot of readings for various friends and family members. Personally, I love using tarot and oracle cards for a bit of guidance and direction when I need it most. I also find that it’s a fun thing to do with friends! If you’re interested in trying tarot or oracle cards then I highly suggest you do! In the meantime, here’s a list of the cards I’ve bought and love.

The Wild Unkown Tarot

This was my first ever tarot deck! I liked the somewhat classic look of the cards and artwork, feeling that it would help me learn about the cards and their meaning. The guidebook was extremely helpful and I genuinely think this deck is perfect for beginners.

Work Your Light Oracle Deck

I fell in love with these oracle cards when I went on the artists Instagram page. The cards are so beautiful and I’m obsessed with them. I love what they represent and the messages that they convey. They’re easy to read and interpret which I love. I really enjoy using oracle cards alongside tarot cards, so I tend to grab for these quite often!

The Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards

I was first attracted to these oracle cards as I saw the YouTuber The Gem Goddess use them in one of her ‘pick a card reading’ videos. I’ve always been into goddesses and what they represent so purchasing this oracle deck felt like a good idea. The cards are pretty sleek and have golden edges, which I love. Each goddess conveys a message or meaning so I like using them with other oracle cards and with tarot cards. I feel like using more than one oracle deck at a time during a reading that reinforce a message that the universe is sending you, which is why I usually use a few different types.

Moonology Oracle Cards

I love how this oracle deck uses the moon and astrology all in one. I’ve always found that the light the moon creates illuminates my path more than the sun does. I’m very much a night owl so the moon gives me energy and peacefulness. The messages each card conveys is pretty clear and easy to understand. The artwork is cute and I love how each zodiac sign is represented. I bought them off Amazon so they are very easy to purchase. Overall, I’m definitely a fan!

The Moonchild Tarot

I’ve been loving using this tarot deck since buying it last year. The art work is stunning, I mean the images are so beautiful and I love how they well they correspond with the meaning behind each card. The artist created her own version of what a tarot deck should look like and I’m here for it. The guidebook is super helpful, especially since it goes so in depth on each card and on the deck itself, including the addition cards made specifically for this deck. These quickly became my favourite tarot cards and I highly recommend them!  

So that’s all for my personal tarot and oracle cards collection! I made sure to link each one so if you’re interested in buying them you can easily click and buy! I really love using all of these and I personally recommend them. If you’re like me and you’re still a beginner when it comes to this stuff then please reach out, I’d love to have a chat! Or, if you’re well-versed in the tarot world and have some advice for a newbie like me then I’d love to hear it!